Mobile banking (SeefTech m-Banc)

Benefits of using our solution with keyword highlighting.

Mobile banking serve’s the customers by having access to the financial services from the mobile even when they are on the move. SeefTech offers your enterprise, be it large or small, Mobile Banking Solutions serving your customers with access to financial services even when they are on the move through USSD, mobile apps (J2ME/android/iOS/Blackberry/Windows), WAP and SMS.

Banking on the Go

Your customers can now access account information, receive alerts on account activities, make payments, deposits & withdrawals, request for cheque books, locate nearest branches/ATMs is a very basic set in this product.

Anytime Banking

Making your customers forget long-standing queues at your branches is another benefit. With the SeefTech m-Banc application your customers can now access their account info round the clock with a host of other services, making your costly hours highly productive taking the business to the next level.

SeefTech m-Banc

Reach the unbanked consumers – our SeefTech m-Banc,mobile banking options extends your enterprise’s reach to unimaginable nooks and corners of the geography enabling you to offer value-add services in addition to your core processes thus generating larger revenues.

Agency Banking

Most widely termed as branchless banking, enables your bank to serve the customers effectively at low cost. Customers gain easy access to banking services through agents at their convenient time. Agents attract more walk-ins; increase their business contributing to the bank’s growth. Multi-level agency banking feature gives your bank a free hand to accelerate the agency network.

Build a Brand

In the current highly competitive era, with time being the essence catering to your customer's banking needs in an interactive way anywhere anytime will be a huge value addition. Our mobile Banking solutions are designed to raise satisfaction among your customers in how your services are delivered thus, creating a brand loyalty & customer retention.