SeefTech m-Commerce

m-Commerce is a step towards moving e-commerce to a wireless environment enabling customer's to use their devices. This creates opportunities to deliver new value-added services to existing customers and to attract newer ones.

Extend Your Reach

Customers use mobile device to purchase tickets for events or public transport, pay for parking and utility bills, stream & download content etc. thus, extending your reach to unbanked and under banked customers.

Personalize and Innovate

Cater to each customer according to his or her needs and give them an innovative experience of paying for their shopping where they can make use of 2G, 3G or 4G/LTE services to make their payments quickly, easily and securely.

Generate Revenues

In the upbeat and emerging markets, contents like entertainment, communication & collaboration, financial & broadcasting have become highest contributors to the revenue unlike in the past being limited to information delivery. Embracing services aligning to the models will attract & increase the customer base.

Mobile Marketing

Using demographic information personalizes wireless services by knowing user's preferences and surfing habits and send:

  • User centric advertising messages
  • Locationalised advertising messages

Generate Digital Receipts

Go Green! Generate your bills online and access all transactions at one place with the touch of a key. Contribute back to our own society by reducing the carbon footprint eliminating hardcopy to your customers.


Mobile banking

Your customers can now access account information, receive alerts on account activities, make payments


Mobile Customer acquisition

SeefTech mobile customer acquisition today supports J2ME and Android mobiles, with the discussions for iOS, Windows on the roadmap.


Mobile Wallet

m-Wallets while giving your customers an additional payment option also pave way to partnering with enterprises, technology