Mobile Wallet (SeefTech m-Wallet)

Mobile Wallet also known as mobile money now enables mobile devices to send & receive money, pay your bills, and pay for your goods bought online or at physical stores. SeefTech m-Wallet offers a complete solution which maintains customer wallet account and KYC, enables mobile based financial transactions and allows bill payments etc.


m-Wallets while giving your customers an additional payment option also pave way to partnering with enterprises, technology, mobile, merchant and government organizations in turn generating revenue opportunities. SeefTech m-Wallet supports operations through agencies.

Generate Revenue

m-Wallet extends your existing customer base to unbanked customers for payments like utility bills, insurance, air-time top-up etc., promoting your business with increased profits.

Be Future Ready

Wallet service is the most preferred solution across the customer categories and is gaining more traction. We have built to support basic mobile phones to the latest smartphones, phablets, tablets available & coming up in the emerging markets.